How To Invite Your Producers To Join Your Market

Thanks for offering to set up some of the Farmers’ Market farmers on the Harvest To Order (HTO). This is a bit of background about how Harvest To Order operates:

  • First, the Farmer must give permission, over HTO, to the Farmer’s Market hub to sell their produce. Then the farmers’ market adds the products to an order cycle. An order cycle is a period that the supply will last before it needs to be replenished.
  • When the order cycle closes the system automatically sends a purchase order to the stallholders with a total of all orders received for their products during the order cycle.
  • The suppliers deliver to the sorting point and Stipe pays the Farmers.

When you contact your producers please provide them with the Farmers of the following:

  • HTO has asked us to contact them to get their details online
  • We are working closely with HTO to develop an online farmers market trading platform
  • HTO is developing a network of Farmers, Sellers, and Buyers.
  • The following details are required from Farmers for utilization of the HTO platform:
    • Company Name: This is the obvious starting point.
    • Registration: Does the farm have proper registrations?
    • Contact Name(s): You might have this already but worth checking this is the one they want to use
    • Address: Where can mail reach the Farm owner.
    • Email: This is immensely important because it is how notifications are sent. Often orders are made just two days before needed.
    • Phone Number: This is used for immediate need, such as order complications.
    • Product Details: HTO utilizes technology that can import information from a spreadsheet. The following information is required on the spreadsheet:
      • Product Name: What the product is.
      • Product Description: This section includes and pertinent information such as whether your product is organic or special growing procedures and techniques. This section is essentially your chance to sell your product.
      • Pricing: How much for how many. It can be priced per item, volume, or weight. There will be a reasonable administrative price added to keep HTO in operation.
      • Stock Availability: For products that have limited availability.
      • Product Code: This is the place to put your SKU if you have one.

To enter in the details, you need to make a Harvest to Order Account. You have options of customizing your account with your company information and symbolize it with your logo.

Here are the steps required to set up a new enterprise and add their products.

At this stage you will be the registered ‘owner’ of that enterprise, so there are 2 more steps we need you to take please:

  • Assign permission from this enterprise to create authorized dealers, such as a farmer’s market, to sell their products.
    1. Put the name of the enterprise that you have just created in the left-hand blue box
    2. Enter your authorized dealers in the right-hand blue box
    3. Select ‘EVERYTHING’ in the list on the right
    4. Click CREATE
    5. Repeat steps a to c putting all authorized dealers in the right-hand box
    6. Click CREATE
  • Hand over ownership of this enterprise to the Seller.
    1. Click SETTINGS next to the new enterprise you have just created
    2. Click USERS, bottom left
    4. Enter the email address of the Seller and click INVITE
    5. Enter this same address into the notifications box
    6. Enter this same address into the owner box
    7. Leave yourself as a manager for the time being. This will allow you to adjust changes and permissions.

Please keep track of the stallholders you are working with on the HTO website.

For any Harvest to Order assistance please contact or reach William Oaks at (207) 313-4821.

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