About Fresh Harvest Crate

We are working to bring people together to share resources, knowledge, and ideas so we can make it affordable for everyone to source produce form their community.

Fresh Harvest Crate is a brand of Stoic Edge a marketplace company that is focused providing a platform that connects producers, buying groups, restaurant, food Hubs/ coops, and residential homes in a cost-effective way. The food system that we currently have we feel is broken. It gives the supermarkets and large corporations all of the control of the food that we consume. It is frustrating to realize that most of the food that we buy from the supermarket is sourced from all around the world. While at the same time local farmers are typically harvesting the same food that you just bought from the supermarket. When they do sell their harvest to supermarkets they only receive on average one third of the profit. We aim to change that and be disruptive to the supermarket monopoly on the foods we consume and allow for the farmers to have larger margin and provide us all with fresher produce for nearly the same price.

“Take the supply chain of a single apple. It might seem trivial and simple but did you know on average that apple was picked almost a year ago. It was stored in a warehouse for almost 11 months before it made its way to the grocery store and then to your house. All of the nutrition that you believe the apple has is gone.”

What We Do

Fresh Harvest Crate is a growing network of farmers, food hubs, food coops, farmers markets, etc. around the state of Maine. We feel that not enough people are buying local produce and often it not a choice. Sourcing local produce is difficult for one person, the might not be able to make it to the farmers market and there is no easy way to find out what the local farmers are selling.

Our Vision.

We aim to foster the collaboration of our local food ecosystems, to innovate new open solutions, to create more local opportunities to support our local communities and to provide the harvesters regardless of the size, the solutions they need to compete with their larger counterparts. Especially the big super markets of the world.

What is Our Core Beliefs?


The dedication and commitment to quality locally sourced produce.


Innovation that matters for our local food ecosystems and our community


Trust and reputability of all relationship in business and personal

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

With Harvest To Order you will be able to support your local economy and you won’t spend hours getting your local food. You will be able to be able to pick and choose what you want..

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