What Is The Problem Anyway?

A Peer To Peer Platform "Local Food System"

Sourcing Local Food Is Difficult

Sourcing local produce is unrealistic for most of us; we are too busy with work or spending time with friends and family. For example, the easiest way to source local produce is to go to the local farmer’s markets, but they are typically open a few hours a week.

Middlemen in The System

Middlemen are essential to local food systems but they become a problem when there are too many. IE everyone takes a % away from the farmer. Farmers are only getting 15 to 30 cents on every dollar for the produce that they sell according to the USDA, and the big grocers will only accept the best looking products, and they have considerable waste. On average, about 40% of produce will spoil before it is sold.

Lack Of Technolical Resouces

Most of the farmers in Maine and the United States don’t have any I.T. people,  resources, or knowledge to help them build a website that has the necessary features the farmer needs like ordering cycles, subscription management, and customer management. This leaves them to only sell their produce at farmers markets or to the big grocers.

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

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