What Is The Problem Anyway?

Our platform has been designed to save time and money in selling fresh produce to local customers.

Easy To Use Online Ordering

We took the difficulty out of sourcing local produce for everyday people. In just a few clicks, consumers will be able to access an interactive map of their local food system consisting of farmers, farmer’s markets, Food Hubs, and Co-ops.  Since food is grown, harvested, and bought in cycles, the Harvest to Order system is designed to work in ordering cycles. This allows consumers to view digital shopfronts and profiles that are open for ordering and lets them buy in-season produce, just like they would on a weekly trip to a farmer’s market or grocery store.


Easy Directory To Connect With Your Local Farming Community

Harvest To Order is an online ordering system and directory of farms around the state of Maine and eventually around the United States. The software is designed to tap into the pre-existing supply chains by allowing Farmers, Food Hubs, associations, food selling groups, restaurants, and individuals to create a profile to connect on our platform. It has all of the features that a farmer or food hub needs.

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

Listing on Harvest To Order is free. Opening and running a shop on Harvest To Order is free. Setting up a group directory on Harvest To Order for your organization or regional network is free. We charge a small flat percentage from each purchase.

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