Technology for Local Commerce

A Peer To Peer Platform "Local Food System"

Technology for Local Commerce

Until today the main focus of Technology used for the supply chain has mainly been concerned with increasing profits through chemistry, “think impossible foods,” and more machinery “like mega-farms”. Our primary focus is building technology solutions that can lead to the replacement of the current business’ vertical, “top-down” model, to a horizontal “bottom up” model. Harvest To Order believes that the food chain is no longer dependent on a vertical model to organize, promote, and distribute products and produce. 

A Peer To Peer Platform

We are taking a horizontal approach to support local food systems. Every food system is different due to business owners and geography, “meaning some places might have ten farmers per 10 square miles and other places might only have 1 farm per 10 square miles”. Harvest To Order was built to tap into pre-existing supply chains and support any local food system at scale. By joining this platform, farmers, farmers markets, Food Hubs, and Co-ops will be able to build dynamic inventory relationships with one another, automated split payment payouts, giving them maximum exposure and lowering their expenses.

Local Food System Networks

Our platform makes it possible for each farmer to maintain their farm’s inventory and deliver their crop to the point person. The point person is in charge of managing inventory and taking delivery from the farmers and delivering the total Order to the Food Hub. Our application provides the point person (called a “Market Manager” with tools to manage the aggregate orders. They will be able to export the orders into our last mile logistic platform to make delivery simple. In the future, that will be integrated through an “API” so the orders will appear in the delivery platform.

Tell Your Story

We have built a platform where local businesses can reinvent themselves and maintain their autonomy, foster collaboration within our local food system, to create more opportunities to support our local communities, and to provide the food producers, no matter how small, the solutions they need to compete with their larger counterparts, especially the big supermarkets.

Platform Features

An online Shopfront

We make it easy to create a profile your business

Streamline operations

We make it easy for you to manage your buisness.

Sales and Marketing

Reach out to new customers, like restaurants, wholesalers, etc

Ordering Cycles

Food grows in cycles, farmers harvest in cycles, and we order food in cycles.

Software and Tools

Simplify the complexities of running business so you can focus on what matters

Split Payments and Subscriptions

Automatically pay your food producers or delivery services without bank transfers.

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

Listing on Harvest To Order is free. Opening and running a shop on Harvest To Order is free. Setting up a group directory on Harvest To Order for your organization or regional network is free. We charge a small flat percentage from each purchase.

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