Healthy produce by local farmers at a decent price

Supporting Local Food Systems

In just a few clicks, consumers will be able to access an interactive map of their local food system consisting of farmers, farmer’s markets, food hubs, and co-ops. Since food is grown, harvested, and bought in cycles, the Harvest to Order system is designed to work in ordering cycles. This allows consumers to view digital shopfronts and profiles that are open for ordering
and lets them buy in-season produce, just like they would in a weekly trip to a farmer’s market or grocery store.

Helping Our Food System Thrive

Harvest To Order was built to tap into preexisting supply chains and support any local food system at scale. By joining this platform, farmers, farmers markets, food hubs, and co-ops will be able to build dynamic inventory relationships with one another, automated split payment payouts, giving them maximum exposure and lowering their expenses.

Who Are We?

Harvest To Order is a brand of Stoic Edge, a marketplace company that is focused on providing a platform that connects producers, buying groups, restaurants, food hubs, co-ops, and residential homes in a cost-effective way. Harvest To Order believes that the food system that currently exists is broken. As it currently allows, large multinational corporations to have control of the food supply chain and, ultimately, the food we consume.

Why Should You Get Started With Harvest To Order?​

Support Your Community

By using our platform, you are supporting local food harvesters and producers

Get Quality Food

Get fresh and locally sourced food without all of the hassle of traveling to the farm

Get Noticed

With Harvest to Order, you will be able to market and sell your harvest to local customers

Fight Food Insecurity

With every purchase, you are helping to fight food insecurity in your community

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

With Harvest To Order you will be able to support your local economy and you won’t spend hours getting your local food. You will be able to be able to pick and choose what you want..

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Why Should You Get Started With Harvest To Order?

What is Harvest To Order?

At Harvest To Order, we want to create an open ecosystem that is built on a modern codebase. A local food system that helps everyone live healthier lives. For the entire system, Harvest to Order takes just 5% of a transaction. That 5% goes to further developing the project by expert programmers and system admins. Help us support your local agriculture ecosystem and join Harvest To Order Today.

Promote Harvest To Order

Help us promote Harvest To Order among your friends. Feel free to visit our social media pages and share them with your friends, family, and coworkers. The more people know about out project, the greater the chance for a rapid adoption. We want everyone to have access to healthy, locally-sourced food. And by supporting our project, you are supporting your local farmers, farmers' markets, hubs, and community.

Help Fight Food Insecurity

Did you know from a study conducted in 2015 by the United States Department of Agriculture, that 12.7 percent of American households faced food insecurity at least sometime in 2015? That means that families lack enough food to live healthy active lives for all of the household members. No one should ever go hungry and by donating you can make an impact on some life and help fight food insecurity.