Software and Tools

Software and Tools

We provide you with the right software and tools to simplify the complexities of running a local or regional coop or hub. We make it easy for you to process your orders for your customers so you can focus on what matters. We help you with last mile logistics, accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, agriculture management software, etc.

What is Harvest To Order?

An online Shopfront

We make it easy to create a profile your business

Data and insight

Track your orders and sales do you can make easier decisions

Sales and Marketing

Reach out to new customers, like restaurants, wholesalers, etc

Streamline operations

We make it easy for you to manage your buisness.

Software and Tools

Simplify the complexities of running business so you can focus on what matters

We Support You

We have all of the technology and marketing solutions you need

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

Listing on Harvest To Order is free. Opening and running a shop on Harvest To Order is free. Setting up a group directory on Harvest To Order for your organization or regional network is free. We charge a small flat percentage from each purchase.

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