Why You Should Be Selling Your Produce Online

Everyone prefers high quality, fresh food. We want great food to serve to our friends, family, and ourselves. It can be difficult to find reasonably priced fresh food outside of farmer’s markets. Farmer’s Markets are where you can commonly find and retail local, organic fruit, vegetables, and other farm goods.

Harvest to Order (HTO) can be used by growers and farmers to be found on a specialized map. Registration takes only 5 minutes and you will be visible to a community of people looking for fresh produce.  You even have the option to start selling your produce online by setting up an online shopfront to sell your produce directly to local shoppers and buyers.  Traditionally farmers had to be restricted to a small farm stand or contracts with shops, grocery stores, markets, food hubs, and food co-ops. You can skip several steps and hassles by utilizing the Harvest To Order online to sell your produce directly.

Harvest To Order is a co-operative community between farms and the people committed to building a food distribution system that is fair and transparent for everyone involved.

Producers can set the prices of goods.  They then have the options of:

  1. Set up a ‘shopfront’ to sell directly to customers
  2. Sell through any HTO ‘shopfront’
    • Farmer’s Markets
    • Local Shops
    • Food Hubs
    • Wholesalers
    • Restaurants

Harvest To Order is designed with flexible options. This allows for a variety of products to be sold by virtually any type of farm. Because we utilize the Stripe payment system, we are able to pay every party involved at checkout. The Farmer sets the price and it is broken up from there. When the transaction is complete everyone involved gets paid based on previous agreements. The farmer will get most of the payment. Harvest To Order will get a small administration fee to keep things up and running. Delivery drivers will get compensated for their service. Plus, whatever other fees associated with the sale will be distributed. It saves everyone precious time and speed lines network of processes involved.

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