Why Choose Harvest To Order

The Problem

  • The way that we source food today is not sustainable.
  • There is considerable waste at the supermarkets. Up to 40% of produce will spoil before it is sold.
  • Farmers are only getting 15 to 30 cents on every dollar for the produce that they sell according to the USDA.
  • 16 percent of the state’s population is food insecure according to the USDA
  • Its difficult to source local produce. While there is several platforms none of them are designed to build our a network.

Our platform is designed to connect farmers to their local community so they can sell to residential, food hubs, restaurants, and local grocers

Our Business Model

When farmers sell to the big grocers at best they are only receiving 30% margin on their produce, while the rest of the supply chain receives 70%. We are offering the farmers to flip that and make 70% vs 30% and help reduce the 40% waste at supper markets.

Shop fresh, shop local. Support small business.

Listing on Harvest To Order is free. Opening and running a shop on Harvest To Order is free. Setting up a group directory on Harvest To Order for your organization or regional network is free. We charge a small flat percentage from each purchase.

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