Setup your Farm Co-op, Food Hub, or Farmers’ Market Online.

Why should you use Harvest to Order for your online shop?

Harvest to Order makes it easy for farmers, co-ops, food hubs, and farmers’ markets to set up online storefronts to sell fresh produce to local buyers. Our software has been built to make it easy to set weekly ordering cycles, upload your items from a spreadsheet, and create relationships between farmers and group markets to make it easy to organize local food. While we are facing a difficult time with COVID-19, the team at Harvest to Order has pushed hard to meet an July launch date so we can help our local communities get access to local food.

How it Works For Farmers/ Producers

  • It’s simple to go to and create a profile or profiles in the system. Then fill in your details about your organization and what you are going to sell.
  • You get to control your brand and pricing on Harvest to Order. We built the system to work for your business. Think of your profiles as a table at your local farmers’ market.
  • You can establish relationships with shopfronts by giving permissions to your market organizers (or as many markets as you want to be in) to include your products in their shopfront.

Hot It Works For Market Organizers (Hubs, Co-ops, and Farmers’ Markets)

  • It’s simple to go to and create a profile in the system. Fill in your details about your organizations and select “I’ll share other people’s produce (and mine)”
  • Now you ask permission to sell other producer’s products and aggregate all of their products to create an online market.
  • All your producers will be able to manage their brand and their stock just like they would at an in-person farmers’ market. Buyers will be able to enter the farmers’ market shopfront and buy produce/ products from local producers, and then pick up their products form a pickup location or get it delivered.

Getting Your Market Setup

Download the slide deck below for a quick start guide to starting your online market or click here!!

We are available to help you get your market setup. Just email us or set up an appointment and we will be happy to set up a zoom meeting with you to help you get your online market setup.

If you need more help, you can go to our user guide

Getting Your Producers Setup

Send your producers our “producers selling to markets” slide deck to help get them connected to your online marker.

We are available to help then to get their online storefront setup. If they need help, have them email us or set up an appointment and we will be happy to set up a zoom meeting with them to help get their storefront set up and connected to your market.

If they need more help, send them a link to our user guide.

What Do I Do Once The Order Cycle Closes

Once your market ordering cycle has closed, you will need to notify your producers about what has been bought, who the customers are, and what has been ordered. Check out this slide deck on how to go through that process. 

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