Why You Should Us Harvest To Order To Manage Your Online Storefront

Harvest To Order is a marketplace company that is focused on providing a platform that connects Producers, Food Hubs and Co-ops to Buyers like Restaurants and Consumers online.

We at Harvest to Order feel that the food system we currently have is broken and not sustainable. It gives the supermarkets and large corporations all of the control of the food that we consume. There is a considerable amount of waste at supermarkets, and up to 40% of produce will spoil before it is sold. Food that could be feeding our hungry is ending up in dumpsters and landfills.

It is frustrating to realize that most of the foods that we buy from the supermarket are sourced from all around the world, while at the same time, local producers are typically growing the same types of foods virtually in our own backyards. When they do sell their produce to supermarkets, they receive at best only one-third of the profit. We aim to change that and be disruptive to the supermarket control on the foods we consume and allow for local producers to have a larger margin while providing us all with fresher produce for the same price.

There are several online services that allow you to order fresh produce online. The most popular models right now are websites like a blue apron or hello fresh that provide pre-portioned meal kits for you to buy. The biggest drawback of these websites is that the food still not sourced in your local economy.

Our platform has been built to tap into preexisting supply chains and support any local food system at scale. We have three main trading models for the platform — Farmer to Hub, Farmer to Customer, and Hub to Customer. However, the platform is built to allow any type of relationship, so we can have Hub to Hub, Farmer to Farmer, Farmer to Buyers Groups, Farmers to Supermarket, and Farmers to Restaurants.

We charge 5% for every transaction that goes through the system. When producers sell to supermarkets, they are at best only receiving a 30% margin on their products, while the rest of the supply chain receives 70%. We are offering farmers the chance to flip that and make 70% vs. 30% and help reduce the 40% waste at supermarkets.

The team behind the project all have been in the IT industry for ten years+ with 60 years of combined experience. We all complement each other very well and have a variety of overlapping experience providing a strong foundation.

By using Harvest To Order, you will be able to sell your products to a continually growing customer base. Our system was designed to help local farmers thrive by providing you with an online shop so customers can learn your story and buy directly from you. You will be able to streamline your operations through automated payments, so all of your partners get paid, without having to worry about net 15 or net 30s. Over time, as you use the system, you will be able to access to a wealth of information about your business. By using this information, you can make data-driven decisions so you can have a better understanding of what your customers want, how much you’re spending on management of your crops, and, if you have employees, how they are performing. Get started by signing up today.

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