Harvest To Order Launch Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Stoic Edge and Pegas Technology Solutions Announces the Launch of Harvest To Order

WATERVILLE, MAINE, June 5, 2020 – Stoic Edge, in partnership with Pegas Technology Solutions, announces today that they are launching Harvest To Order, a marketplace that connects local farmers, farmer’s markets, food hubs, and co-ops. This marketplace will allow customers and restaurants to source local produce.

In just a few clicks, consumers will be able to access an interactive map of their local food system consisting of farmers, farmer’s markets, food hubs, and co-ops.  Since food is grown, harvested, and bought in cycles, the Harvest to Order system is designed to work in reflective cycles.  This allows consumers to view online shopfronts and profiles that are open for ordering and lets them buy in-season produce, just like they would in a weekly trip to a farmer’s market or grocery store.

Harvest To Order was built to tap into preexisting supply chains and support any local food system at scale. By joining this platform, farmers, farmers markets, food hubs, and co-ops will be able to build dynamic relationships with one another, giving them maximum exposure. This will make it easier for farmers to be found in the company’s search or interactive map.  

“It was frustrating when I realized that most of the food I was buying at the supermarket was sourced from around the world,”, stated Harvest to Order CEO William Oakes, “But meanwhile, there were local farmers growing the exact same types of food.”

Harvest To Order is a brand of Stoic Edge, a marketplace company that is focused on providing a platform that connects producers, buying groups, restaurants, food hubs, co-ops, and residential homes in a cost-effective way.  Harvest To Order believes that the food system that currently exists is broken. As it currently is configured, large multinational corporations have control of the food chain and, ultimately, the food we consume.

“Take the supply chain of a single apple. It might seem trivial and simple, but did you know, on average, that Apple was picked almost a year ago? It was stored in a warehouse for almost 11 months before it made its way to the grocery store and then to your house. All of the nutrition that you believe the apple has is gone” added Oakes.

Harvest To Order is launching an open system test starting June 15, 2020, and encourages interested parties to participate at www.harvesttoorder.com.  

For more information on Harvest To Order, please view www.harvesttoorder.com or about.harvesttoorder.com.  William Oakes, CEO, can be contacted at 207-313-4821 or at woakes@pegas.io



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